Professional Development

Teacher Training

In its effort to improve the quality of education in the regions of the Cobán district, Xchool Ixim initiated the development of a professional development project to strengthen and update teaching to foster intercultural, bilingual education in the classroom.

The goal of this project is to improve the pedagogical practices in the classroom and strengthen the teachers’ theoretical and practical knowledge so that they can better assist their students in realizing their full potential. To do so, it draws on the experience of Alta Verapaz’s Board of Education in bilingual education, and also on the teaching methods implemented by Q’eqchi’ Xch’ool Ixim in the approach to language and culture. This joint effort responds to the policies of the Ministry of Education, and to the collective agreement signed by the National Assembly of the Magisterium, San Carlos University of Guatemala, and the Ministry of Education.

Our Impact

Today, Xchool Ixim is a recognized organization within the Ministry of Education, as it has been involved in the development of Bilingual and Intercultural Education at the Ministry of Education and Advisor to the Vice Minister of Bilingual and Intercultural Education with the following:

  • Development of the Maya Regional Curriculum
  • Development of the Garifuna Regional Curriculum
  • Development of the Bilingual and Intercultural Education Model
  • Development of teacher training model in Bilingual and Intercultural Education
  • Development of textbooks in Q’eqchi’ for primary schools